With over 35 years loan experience and extensive local knowledge, Donald Sinclair will present you with the best loan options available.

If you’re looking to build the perfect house, let Don Sinclair help you get the best loan so that the construction can start on schedule.

Financing to build a new home typically comes in the form of a construction-to-permanent loan. This financing option has two parts: 1) a loan to cover the costs of construction, and 2) a mortgage on the finished home. The advantage is that you only have to apply once and will have only one loan closing.

Don Sinclair is a specialist when it comes to construction lending and his vast experience will effectively guide you through the process of financing construction at the best rate. Mortgage Capital Partners can offer an array of benefits when it comes to construction loans that include:

Easy Qualification with a low start rate
Basing your loan for the full lot value rather than the original sale price
Pre-Start Construction Loan Projects for Homes Currently Under Construction
Construction-to-permanent loans that don’t require selling your existing home during construction phase
Quick Loans for “Speculative” and “Investment Residential Projects”
“Interest Only” Payments on the funds drawn during construction
One closing cost